BJJ Visiting Students Are Welcome!

The club is usually pretty quiet over the holidays. We stay open because there are still a few die hards that want to train. This past holiday season we were happy to welcome BJJ visiting students from Michigan (Jason and his daughter, Bella) and Bellingham, WA (Oliver and Britt). They were so wonderful and we can’t wait for them to come back!

Over the years, we have loved having BJJ visiting students and instructors. We’ve had visitors from New York, California, Australia, England, Germany and Canada. A number of them have become regular return visitors, such as black belt instructor and friend, Joey Lopez.

Etiquette & Mat Fees for BJJ Visiting Students

Whether you’re a new white belt or experienced BJJ practitioner, we welcome you to experience Solarte’s friendly atmosphere and skilled instruction. We’re super casual so don’t worry about sticking to any strict etiquette. (For example, you don’t have to call the instructors “professor”—first names are fine.) We do bow in at the beginning and end of classes, but we don’t line up in rank order. We just make a circle. For mat fees, our usual self-determined siding applies: $5 to $20 per class per person. BJJ visiting students can pay with cash or Venmo (@solartebjj or 360-808-3197).

It’s much appreciated if you contact us ahead of time to let us know when you’ll be in. Click on this link to contact us. Welcome to Solarte!