How can it be good if it isn’t expensive?

You get what you pay for, right?

At Solarte BJJ, you pay by donation and you also pay with the time and effort you put on the mats. Jiu jitsu is NOT easy. It’s demanding. It can challenge you like no other discipline. Some of our members donate more because, once they start training, they understand two things: 1) the real value of what we’re offering and 2) the fact that we’re offering it as a benefit to the community.

High level BJJ black belt and world-renowned instructor, Rob Biernacki, regularly teaches seminars at Solarte BJJ.

When you join Solarte BJJ, you join a like-minded group who wants to give something positive back to the community in this very specific way. BJJ builds physical and mental endurance and real life self defense skills. People who lack confidence find it within themselves. Those who need to deal with aggressive situations learn methods of control that can reduce the need for striking or weapons-based self-protection.

We’re not a for-profit organization yet we know perfectly well the value of the knowledge we’re sharing. But we’re willing to try something different. Solarte provides high quality, tailored instruction using one of the best BJJ training methods available. The coaching staff is experienced and that knowledge is continuously kept up-to-date. For example, Coach Lozada regularly travels to a high level training facility to stay on top of the latest innovations in grappling. There are plenty of BJJ instructors who get satisfied and stop demanding more of themselves. That is NOT the case at Solarte.

If you or your children are busy with other activities, you can train BJJ at Solarte and still have the resources to keep doing all the fun things you love. Do soccer. Go to your CrossFit gym. Train other martial arts. Add BJJ to your skill sets and give yourself a change of pace.

We welcome you to join our growing community. Give it a try and see what people can do for each other if they have the will to do it!

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