August 4, 2017

Schedule & Info



9:00–10:00am Adult Gi/No Gi BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate
3:30–4:00pm Li’l Ones BJJ (age 4-8), plus 20-min open play time afterwards.

Youth No Gi BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate (age 8–14)
5:30–6:30pm Adult No Gi BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate 
6:30–7:00pm Rolling/Drilling

3:30–4:00pm Li’l Ones BJJ (age 4-8), plus 20-min open play time afterwards.
5:30–6:30pm Adult/Family BJJ Beginners Class (Intermediate/Advanced Students Welcome for Skills Development)
6:30–7:30pm Krav Maga, All Levels Combatives (Adults, Youth Age 13+)

Youth Gi BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate (age 8–14)
5:30–6:30pm Adult Gi BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate BJJ
6:30–7:00pm Rolling/Drilling

5:00–6:00am Adult Gi/No Gi BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate (includes rolling)
4:00–5:00pm Krav Maga, All Levels Combatives (Adults, Youth Age 13+), call Jeremy ‭(702) 285-1058‬ IN ADVANCE

9:30–10:15am Youth Beginner, Gi or No Gi Optional (age 8–14) 
10:30–11:30am All Ages BJJ Skills Development AND Self-Defense Training

*SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CLASSES: These sessions allow students, beginners to advanced, to work at their own pace on specific BJJ skills. Instructor is present to answer questions and to provide newer students with drills to work on. “Family BJJ” means that all ages are welcome, including family members that just want to hang out (play, read, work on the computer) while the rest of the family trains. This same time slot is also for students who want to work on Self-Defense concepts, grappling and injury-producing strikes.

For the complete schedule of all classes offered at 1600 Carlsborg, including Karate and Krav Maga, please visit


By-the-class drop-ins for both youth and adults: $5 to $20 per class, self-determined sliding scale. Please use Venmo or PayPal by searching for solartebjj or

See Membership Page for monthly membership rates. The Membership Page also shows the discounts for families, law enforcement, military, medical and emergency personnel, seniors and students.

NOTE: No one will be turned away due to inability to pay

Gi (BJJ Uniform) or No Gi?

Please see the above schedule to see which days the gi (training uniform) is worn for lessons. NOTE: Newer youth and adults students who do not have gis can borrow a club uniform until they purchase their own. For youth, we’ve been recommending Elite Sports Kids Gis which include a belt and are sold on Amazon. We do not have a specific color so pick whatever you like! Club patches are available for purchase directly from Jenn.

Adult Classes (Age 15+)

All Adult Classes are split level (beginner to advanced) so students of all levels can attend any class. Beginners will be given fundamental material to work on while intermediate/advanced/competition students will work on additional skills during the same class period. SPECIAL NOTE: Students who have been training a minimum of one year are welcome to bring their own study materials to class. The instructor will be happy to help you figure out the best way to work on the technique(s) of your choice!

Students’ goals vary, but all are started in a program that emphasizes self-protection while keeping it fun and giving everyone a good workout! Concepts, discussions and methods related to self-defense are integrated into our program and we have special sessions for students interested in weapons-based training. We also have a Competition Team for adults who want to focus on the sport of jiu-jitsu. Contact us for more information!

Kids Classes (Age 4 to 14)

The Li’l Ones program serves younger children (ages 4 to 8). Children age 5 and younger must attend with a parent/guardian (up to three children per one guardian). There is no additional charge for participation of the parent/guardian, nor is there a charge for younger children that just want to participate in the open play time after Li’l Ones. However, anyone on the mats must fill out a liability waiver in advance! NOTE: Three consecutive missed classes without prior notice (such as a vacation) means your child(ren) will be removed from the active class list. Please respect this policy as it allows children on the Wait List to join the class.

The Youth Classes are for kids ages 8 to 14. Youth classes are no gi on Tuesdays, gi on Thursdays and gi/no gi optional on Saturday morning. Like the Adult Classes, our self-protection curriculum is integrated into the program so that students learn to develop the confidence and skills to keep themselves safe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the instructor’s discretion, younger children may be invited to move up to the youth class or adult classes depending on attention span, seriousness and size. Around age 7 or 8 we often see pretty differing levels of attention span—some have more fun in Li’l Ones while others prefer the Beginner Youth BJJ lessons.

All Ages/Family BJJ Skills Development

This session is for students of all ages, including adults, youth and families, to come in and train whatever skills they want to focus on. An instructor is available to help direct training and answer questions. It’s a great time to work at your own pace while having training partners and instructors available to help you out! There’s a comfy chair and places to play in case some family members just want to relax and hang out while others train.

Striping & Promotions

Traditionally, there are different colored belts as adult or youth students rise up the ranks:

Adults: White > Blue > Purple > Brown > Black

Youth: White > Gray > Yellow > Orange > Green

Up to four stripes can be placed on the black bar that’s on each belt. In our system, each stripe corresponds to continuing development of four skills sets: 1) Guard Retention, 2) Guard Passing 3) Guard Sweeps/Attacks and 4) Back/Top Control & Attacks. 

About every six months—late spring and late fall—students can opt to undergo a formal assessment to help them better understand what skills they’ve made progress in and which ones need more work. This can result in additional stripes or belt promotion if sufficient progress has been made. Although more casual assessments are made throughout their training, this more official one is meant to give each student a solid understanding of what next steps they’ll want to take with their training.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no stripes or belt promotions for children age 7 or younger. For both Adults & Youth, participation in assessments as well as the striping and belt promotions is optional.