August 4, 2017



Updated 2/6/23

Morning training (usually 9am) By appt. only: Adult BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate Levels (includes rolling)

3:30–4:15pm Youth BJJ Beginner No Gi (age 8–14)
Youth BJJ Intermediate No Gi (age 8–14)
5:30–6:30pm Adult BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate Levels
6:30–7:00pm Rolling/Drilling

3:30–4:00pm Li’l Ones BJJ (age 4-8), plus 20-min open play time afterwards.  There is a wait list for this class!
4:30–5:15pm Youth/Family Time BJJ Skills Development*
5:30–6:30pmAdult/Family Time BJJ Skills Development

3:30–4:15pm Youth BJJ Beginner Gi (age 8–14)
 Youth BJJ Intermediate Gi (age 8–14)
5:30–6:30pm Adult, Beginner & Intermediate Levels
6:30–7:00pm Rolling/Drilling

Morning training (usually 9am) By appt. only: Adult BJJ, Beginner & Intermediate Levels (includes rolling) 

9:30–10:15am Youth Beginner BJJ (age 8–14)
10:30–11:30am All Ages/Family BJJ Skills Development*

*BY APPOINTMENT: Contact (360) 808-3197 at least 24 hours in advance for a morning class. A minimum of two students must sign up.

**SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CLASSES: These sessions allow students to work at their own pace on specific BJJ skills. Instructor is present to answer questions and to provide newer students with drills to work on. “Family Time” means that all ages are welcome, including family members that just want to hang out (play, read, work on the computer) while the rest of the family trains.

For the complete schedule of all classes offered at 1600 Carlsborg, including Karate and Krav Maga, please visit

Gi (BJJ Uniform) or No Gi?

Youth classes are no gi on Tuesdays, gi on Thursdays and gi/no gi optional on Saturday morning. ALL ADULT CLASSES are gi or no gi optional. Occasionally, we will have gi-specific lessons. ALWAYS bring your gi just in case! But most classes will explain techniques in terms that will work for both. So don’t worry if you don’t have a BJJ uniform–active wear will work just fine.

Private Lessons & Intro Sessions

Private lessons are by appointment.

INTRO SESSIONS FOR NEW ADULT STUDENTS: For the adult classes, we highly recommend that new students schedule an intro session. This FREE session takes about 10-15 minutes and introduces the student to some basic concepts and movements that will be used in all classes. The Intro is usually integrated into your first full class, so please arrive 15 minutes before your first class.

THEY MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE by calling 360-808-3197.

Beginner Classes

All Adult Classes are split level (beginner to advanced) so students of all levels can attend any class. Beginners will be given fundamental material to work on while intermediate/advanced/competition students will work on additional skills during the same class period.

Kids Classes (Age 4 to 14)

The Li’l Ones program serves younger children (ages 4 to 8). Children age 5 and younger must attend with a parent/guardian (up to three children per one guardian). There is no additional charge for participation of the parent/guardian.

The Youth Classes are for kids ages 8 to 14. Youth classes are no gi on Tuesdays, gi on Thursdays and gi/no gi optional on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the instructor’s discretion, younger children may be invited to move up to the youth class or adult classes depending on attention span, seriousness and maturity. Around age 7 or 8 we often see pretty differing levels of attention span—some have more fun in Li’l Ones while others prefer the Beginner Youth BJJ lessons.

All Ages/Family BJJ Skills Development

This session is for students of all ages, including adults, youth and families, to come in and train whatever skills they want to focus on. An instructor is available to help direct training and answer questions. It’s a great time to work at your own pace while having training partners and instructors available to help you out! There’s a comfy chair and places to play in case some family members just want to relax and hang out while others train.


By-the-class drop-ins for both youth and adults: $5 to $20 per class, self-determined sliding scale. Please use Venmo or PayPal by searching for solartebjj or

See Membership Page for monthly membership rates. The Membership Page also shows the discounts for families, law enforcement, military, medical and emergency personnel, seniors and students.

NOTE: No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Read the “About Us” page to learn more.