2023 Solarte BJJ Training Road Trips

I didn’t get to take as many BJJ training trips this year, but the four I got to go on were really fantastic! These trips are important to the club because they give me a chance to check in with my instructor, Rob Biernacki. BJJ techniques and training methods are always evolving. Rob is a high-level black belt instructor and competitor who is absolutely on top of the latest tech!

BJJ Training Road Trip with Ken & Jenn

In April, I got to road trip with my good friends, Ken and Jen, the masterminds behind PandaRoll Jiu-jitsu in Lynwood, WA. We had about a week of daily BJJ training at Island Top Team, plus extra time with Rob outside of class to train and ask questions.

PandaRoll’s First BJJ Training Seminar

In August, I got to meet up with Ken, Jen and Rob for PandaRoll Jiu-jitsu’s first-ever seminar with Rob Biernacki. We got two solid days of training in during Rob’s game-changing seminar. He taught us concepts and games to help us improve ALL of our choking and joint-breaking submissions!

BJJ Training Road Trip August

This was a particularly special trip because so much happened in just three days. I got to ride with Rob on the racetrack before going with the team to the ADCC Open – Vancouver. The team had a spectacular run winning the team trophy with only a few competitors. Rob had one of his best performances earning gold in his division. Our Nanjing China Affiliate, Guillaume Leclerc, won a hard-fought gold and received his black belt on the podium.

BJJ Training Trip to Bellingham BJJ

On December 2nd, the Solarte BJJ and PandaRoll crews met up at Bellingham BJJ for Rob’s last seminar of the year. He taught a fantastic seminar on leglocks for IBJJ tournaments. The games he designed really the concepts into our movements. We had a great time! Jeff and his students were incredibly welcoming and wonderful—we’ll be back!