BJJ belt promotions and stripes group photo

Recent BJJ Belt Promotions at Solarte

Congratulations to everyone who received BJJ belt promotions or stripes recently—especially David, Luke, Cooper and Chris…It’s exciting to see you all with your brand new belts! These guys have worked very hard over the last few years. They’ve overcome injuries, delays and many other obstacles. They support each other with good humor and helpful feedback. Read more about Recent BJJ Belt Promotions at Solarte[…]

Rob Biernacki Seminar

Rob Biernacki Seminar at Solarte

Solarte BJJ will host our eighth Rob Biernacki Seminar on March 8–9, 2024: Submission Defense Concepts. Honestly, Rob’s ruined me for most BJJ seminars…he’s set the bar VERY high. Rob doesn’t just talk about concepts—he uses effective games to help you apply the ideas and get them into your game. So don’t miss out on Read more about Rob Biernacki Seminar at Solarte[…]

BJJ visiting student Jordan from England

BJJ Visiting Students Are Welcome!

The club is usually pretty quiet over the holidays. We stay open because there are still a few die hards that want to train. This past holiday season we were happy to welcome BJJ visiting students from Michigan (Jason and his daughter, Bella) and Bellingham, WA (Oliver and Britt). They were so wonderful and we Read more about BJJ Visiting Students Are Welcome![…]

2023 Solarte BJJ Training Road Trips

I didn’t get to take as many BJJ training trips this year, but the four I got to go on were really fantastic! These trips are important to the club because they give me a chance to check in with my instructor, Rob Biernacki. BJJ techniques and training methods are always evolving. Rob is a Read more about 2023 Solarte BJJ Training Road Trips[…]

BJJ fitness in sequim

A different kind of fitness training in Sequim

Since we’ve switched to mostly games-based training, students have been really excited about their progress AND the workout they’re getting. I hear it over and over again: “That was so fun! What a great workout!” (Often said as they mop off the sweat and chug down some water.) I almost feel like I’m tricking some Read more about A different kind of fitness training in Sequim[…]

Self-Defense Training in Sequim – Summer SD Series

AUG 2023 – Last week we wrapped up a three-week self-defense series! We had a great group ranging from early teens to older adults, both men and women. Many had little to no previous training. I’ve been preparing to teach this for some time and was intent on offering something different. Many of the SD Read more about Self-Defense Training in Sequim – Summer SD Series[…]

BJJ Skills Development Training at Solarte

Every Saturday morning at 10:30am, we have BJJ Skills Development Training. [NOTE: We now have another session on Monday evenings at 6:30pm.] But what is BJJ Skills Development? It’s an opportunity to work on whatever you want at the pace you want! There’s always an instructor on hand to direct even the newest of newbies. Read more about BJJ Skills Development Training at Solarte[…]

Snow-jitsu BJJ at Solarte

Snow-jitsu BJJ…is it a thing? Maybe not. But these two goofballs, Alex and Cooper, were willing to give it a go. We don’t usually get a lot of snow in Sequim, so the guys were celebrating the snowfall and cooling off after a good BJJ training session indoors. No, we don’t do a ton of Read more about Snow-jitsu BJJ at Solarte[…]

Rob Biernacki BJJ seminar at Solarte in Sequim, WA

Nov 20-21 Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar at Solarte

We are excited to again host a Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar at Solarte in Sequim, WA. It’s been two very looooong years since he’s been able to visit us from Canada. So we can’t wait to have him share his knowledge. This time his instruction will focus on the art of guard retention and recovery. Read more about Nov 20-21 Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar at Solarte[…]

Jenn from Solarte BJJ in Sequim Waving Hello

Solarte BJJ in Sequim Returning to Classes Soon!

Solarte BJJ in Sequim — Classes have been on break since Washington State’s enactment of the Stay Home, Stay Safe directive in March. During that time, we’ve provided online content on Self Defense Concepts (accessible FREE by request) and FREE parents & kids lessons on our YouTube channel. Solarte BJJ in Sequim Summer Classes Now Read more about Solarte BJJ in Sequim Returning to Classes Soon![…]