BJJ belt promotions and stripes group photo

Recent BJJ Belt Promotions at Solarte

Congratulations to everyone who received BJJ belt promotions or stripes recently—especially David, Luke, Cooper and Chris…It’s exciting to see you all with your brand new belts! These guys have worked very hard over the last few years. They’ve overcome injuries, delays and many other obstacles. They support each other with good humor and helpful feedback. Read more about Recent BJJ Belt Promotions at Solarte[…]

Rob Biernacki Seminar

Rob Biernacki Seminar at Solarte

Solarte BJJ will host our eighth Rob Biernacki Seminar on March 8–9, 2024: Submission Defense Concepts. Honestly, Rob’s ruined me for most BJJ seminars…he’s set the bar VERY high. Rob doesn’t just talk about concepts—he uses effective games to help you apply the ideas and get them into your game. So don’t miss out on Read more about Rob Biernacki Seminar at Solarte[…]