Rob Biernacki of Island Top Team at Solarte BJJ Feb. 9-10

Rob Biernacki of Island Top Team and Jenn Lozada of Solarte BJJRob Biernacki of Island Top Team will be teaching at Solarte BJJ on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. We are very excited about Rob’s first full weekend visit to our club!

Solarte BJJ is proud to be Island Top Team’s first U.S. affiliate and as such, Rob will be coming here periodically to do belt striping and promotions.

Here’s the schedule for this weekend:

FRI 7-8pm BJJ Class, rolling afterwards

SAT Noon to 1pm, BJJ Class, rolling and additional instruction + Q&A with Rob

Cost: Members – regular fees | Non-members – $10/class

Instead of doing a seminar, Rob will be teaching the regular Island Top Team/Solarte BJJ curriculum so you can get a taste of how the day-to-day teaching format works at ITT (and Solarte since we follow the same format quite closely).

About Rob Biernacki of Island Top Team


Rob Biernacki is one of the leaders of the new wave of martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction, incorporating scientific methods, pedagogy, and a proprietary conceptual system that is gaining recognition in the BJJ community for its ability to accelerate learning and skill immensely over standard teaching approaches. Rob was voted #1 in Canada and #3 in the world for the 2014 BJJ Instructor of the Year Award….

In 2015 He was asked by Stephan Kesting, a producer of some of the most highly respected BJJ instructional material in the field, to create an instructional series on conceptual Jiu-Jitsu, The BJJ Formula, which is now the best selling premium instructional app at

Rob is frequently on the mainland teaching seminars at various martial arts academies and is sought after for private instruction by other BJJ instructors seeking cutting edge information. He has also coached high level US grappling competitors like BJJ legend Bill Cooper and sub-only standout Kyle Boehm. In August of 2017, Rob was invited to help coach multiple-time world champion Yuri Simoes to prepare for ADCC (the Olympics of grappling). Yuri went on to win the ADCC title for the second time, becoming only the third man ever to do so in multiple weight classes.

Always searching out the pinnacle of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu evolution, Rob constantly trains with the elite of the martial arts, to bring the state of the art to his academy, Island Top Team. He often trains privately with the best instructors in the world to acquire vital details essential to success in a game not of inches, but millimeters. In 2015 alone Rob traveled to train with Marcelo Garcia, Caio Terra, Eddie Cummings, Paul Schreiner, and Henry Akins. He has also trained with Ryan Hall, Dean Lister, Jake McKenzie and Ricardo Liborio, leader of American Top Team, where Rob was awarded his black belt by friend and mentor, Charles McCarthy, former mixed martial artist.