Sequim BJJ for Kids Striping Ceremony Nov 2022

Striping Ceremony: Sequim BJJ for Kids

Our Sequim BJJ for kids program recently had evaluations, feedback and striping for both the Beginner and Intermediate students. Rather than testing students based on memorized techniques, we evaluated students on their progress in four key skill sets as they applied them during live games and rolling:

Sequim BJJ for kids skills for stripes

1. Guard Retention/Recovery (Staying Safe While on the Bottom)

2. Guard Passing (Getting Past the Bottom Player’s Attacks & Defense)

3. Guard Attacks (Offense from the Bottom Position)

4. Back/Top Control (Maintaining Control & Top/Back Position Offense)

Each skill set corresponds with the four stripes one can receive per belt color. (In the Youth Program, the belt progression is white > gray > yellow > orange > green). All students, including adults, continue to develop these four skills throughout their entire jiu jitsu journey. Even black belts continue to work on these four skills!

In addition to the above, Sequim BJJ for kids also looks at each individual child’s attitude, discipline and helpfulness to others. This is part of the evaluation process and each youth student receives one-on-one feedback on what needs work and what has improved.

During the ceremony, we had a youth student who opted to graduate from the youth program since he recently turned 15. Since he has been such a leader in our youth program, he was also granted permission to continue assisting with youth classes. We were very proud of him for making such a mature decision and choosing to enter the adult program!

Sequim BJJ for kids graduation to adult BJJ program

We also had a 7-year-old who received a certificate saying that he’s ready for striping and promotions in the program. We usually wait until the age of 8, but we will allow 7-year-olds if they show genuine interest and have the right level of focus and attention. These exceptions are based on evaluations by the head instructor to ensure that the student is indeed ready.

Sequim BJJ for Kids is a rewarding way for youth to develop confidence, discipline and sense of caring and responsibility to others. If you’d like to learn more about Sequim BJJ for Kids, please contact Head Instructor Jenn Lozada at (360) 808-3197. She’ll be happy to answer any questions and to help your child develop skills to last a lifetime!

Sequim BJJ for kids group picture