Solarte BJJ in Sequim 2018 Summer News

We’ve had a good summer at Solarte BJJ in Sequim! As expected, summertime in the Pacific Northwest means that everyone is BJJ Demo at Upper Left CrossFit in Sequim, WAspending as much time outside as possible before it’s back to rain and gray. Nevertheless, we’ve been surprised to see both kids and adults coming in to train despite the beautiful weather. Below are some of the highlights for the first part of summer, plus some schedule updates and events to take note of!

BJJ in Sequim Demo at Upper Left

On June 13th, Coach Jenn conducted a free Brazilian Jiu-jitsu lesson and demonstration at Upper Left Crossfit at 755 W. Washington Street in Sequim, WA. The folks at Upper Left were fantastic to work with–they’re a great group of people. There was lots of laughter and a sense of discovery as the group worked on movements and concepts common to both CrossFit and BJJ. Big thanks to Upper Left owners, John & Lisa Qualls, who have been so supportive of Solarte BJJ!!!

Jenn’s Trip to Island Top Team in Nanaimo, BC

Jenn from Solarte BJJ at Island Top Team in Nanaimo, BC

Solarte BJJ is the premier U.S. affiliate of the world-renown academy, Island Top Team. Fortunately for us, ITT is only a short ferry + car ride away on Vancouver Island, BC. From July 2 to July 9, Jenn returned for her 16th training trip to ITT in a little over two years. As always, she had the opportunity to enjoy world-class training as a participant in their Visiting Student Program. Jenn makes sure to visit ITT regularly to keep up on the latest innovations in concept-based instruction which is the hallmark of ITT’s program. The Visiting Student Program provides a week of free lodging and training to anyone in the world. Contact Jenn if you are interested in accompanying her on the next trip which will probably be in October.

July 21, 2018 The Revolution BJJ Tournament

At Solarte BJJ in Sequim, we don’t emphasize competition, but we certainly support our students who do so. On Saturday, July 21, our first competitor, Alex Tienda, won bronze in the beginner middleweight no gi Alex at The Revolution Grappling Tournament, July 2018division. Alex gave a solid performance and learned some good lessons from his first BJJ competition. We’re all really proud of him + HUGE thanks to everyone who helped him prepare. Congratulations to everyone who competed!!!

Rob Biernacki Seminar at Gracie Barra-Kirkland

Sunday, July 29 • Noon to 2pm & 2:30 to 4:30pm

Rob Biernacki will be teaching two back-to-back seminars at Gracia Barra – Kirkland (12802 NW 125th Way in Kirkland, WA). The seminars will emphasize two great no gi control schemes: shoulder control and guillotine control. Rob’s excellent instruction is always clear, informative and entertaining. He truly cares about helping BJJ students learn as effectively as possible. Plus the price can’t be beat for such high quality instruction: $25 for 1 seminar or only $40 for both!

Contact Jenn at 360-808-3197 if you’re interested in traveling with us from the Sequim area to Kirkland for this seminar.Rob Biernacki Seminar at Gracie Barra Kirkland in July 2018

Li’l Ones BJJ on Summer Break Until September

The Li’l Ones BJJ program for children ages 3 to 7 (plus parents!) will continue this September after Labor Day. Stay tuned for exact days and times. We will very likely return to our Thursday 3:15-4pm time slot, but other times may be available if enough parents ask for them. Contact Jenn at 360-808-3197 for more details on this popular young children’s martial arts program!

Rob Biernacki Coming to Solarte BJJ in Sequim September 14-15

Mark your calendars and start coming in to train now! Rob Biernacki will be returning to Solarte BJJ to conduct a seminar as well as striping and promotions. More details to come as the time draws nearer. But it’s time to start training regularly in preparation for his visit. If you’re interested in being promoted within the Island Top Team system, please click on this video link. In it, Rob explains what makes ITT system of promotion both unique and helpful to its students!