Solarte BJJ YouTube Video Channel

You can now visit the Solarte BJJ YouTube Video Channel to learn more about the concepts and techniques that are being taught in our classes. Still getting used to the whole “talking in front of a camera” thing, but it’s a fun learning process! We figure it’s just like learning a new technique…the first reps are always rough, but things will smooth out with practice.

Here’s the general outreach video: (Click image for video)Solarte BJJ General Promo Video

The next video (click image below for video) is the first concept video which was shot while the BJJ Fundamentals Class was going over escapes from negative bottom positions. We highlighted the idea of using lever-based controls to escape the bottom. The technique used to illustrate the concept was the elbow push escape. The video also shows how you can use the same principle for escaping an attempted double under hook guard pass:

Elbow Push Escape Solarte BJJ Video

The next concept video was a little addition to the first elbow push escape video. It showed another way of accessing the elbow push in case you’re unable to get to base on your elbow: Click for Elbow Push Part 2

Since our current classes have been focused on sweeps, this video talks about paying attention to controlling the ends of levers when sweeping: (Click image for video)

Sweeps and lever control Solarte BJJ concept video

My hope is to do at least one video each time the Fundamentals Class cycles through each section: Guard Retention, Guard Passing, Top Control, Escapes from Negative Bottom Positions, Sweeps and Back Control.

If you’re new to how Solarte’s curriculum works, here’s what you need to know: the Fundamentals class cycles through the above sections every several months. While the concepts are the same, the specific techniques used to illustrate those concepts will often vary.

You’re welcome to subscribe to our Solarte BJJ YouTube Channel. If you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram, I will also publicize new videos there as well!