Sequim Summer Classes and Events at Solarte BJJ

Sequim Summer classes at Solarte BJJ are ongoing June through August. We also have a few special events and some days we’re closed.

Sequim Summer Classes for Kids: A Lighter Schedule

During the summer, we have a lighter schedule of kids classes. The Li’l Ones class (ages 4-8) is Wednesdays only for the summer. Starting at 3:30pm, the first part is 30 minutes of structured lesson time followed by 25 minutes of open play. Kids do not need a uniform…regular active wear is just fine.

The Youth Classes (ages 8-14) are every Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:15pm with 15 minutes of open play time afterwards. The Tuesday classes are no gi and Thursdays are gi. We do have gis available for children to borrow until you’re able to purchase your own. We recommend Elite gis on Amazon.

During September, we usually expand the Li’l Ones and Youth Class schedules to more days per week. Please check our online schedule which is updated regularly!

The Adult Class Schedule Is Mostly Unchanged

All the evening classes remain the same: Mon 6:30pm • Tue/Wed/Thur 5:30pm • Fri 6pm. We have temporarily paused the Mon/Thur 9am classes. Otherwise, the Wed/Fri 5am and Sat 10:30am classes are still on. Check the online schedule for updates!

Special Events & Closures During the Summer

We have a few special events and closures during the summer months…

Annual Summer PotluckThursday July 11th, starting at 5:30pm: Everyone is welcome! The mats will be open for adults to roll and kids to play! If the weather is good, we’ll also have fun games for adults and children in the yard. The food tables and grill will be set up on the patio. See the Schedule Page for the potluck information list of items needed/items being brought as well as a head count.

Summer Break August 5–15: The club is open to members during this time. If you’re a club member, please use the group chat to set up training sessions. There will be no formal classes since all regular instructors will be away. However, many of the more senior students will be on the mats and they’ll be happy to help out the newer students.

Craig Jones Invitational Watch Party August 16–17: More details to come, but everyone is welcome to this potluck/watch party on the mats. We’ll have a big screen set up to watch some of the greatest grapplers in the world compete. It’s going to be great!

Sequim Summer Visitors are Welcome!

If you love BJJ and you’re vacationing on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, you are very welcome to train during your visit to our area. The mat fee is $5 to $20 per class per person, self-determined sliding scale. See our online schedule for which days are gi, no gi, or gi/no gi optional. If you don’t have a gi for the gi classes, we do have uniforms to borrow. We do appreciate getting advance notice of your visit. Please use our contact form to let us know when you’ll coming in. We’re looking forward to meeting you!