Recent BJJ Belt Promotions at Solarte

Congratulations to everyone who received BJJ belt promotions or stripes recently—especially David, Luke, Cooper and Chris…It’s exciting to see you all with your brand new belts! These guys have worked very hard over the last few years. They’ve overcome injuries, delays and many other obstacles. They support each other with good humor and helpful feedback. They’re an altogether wonderful group of people. It’s an honor to work with such a dedicated, funny, and good-hearted crew. Thank you for being awesome, guys.❤️🙏

(Bonus! Our friend black belt Joey Lopez, got to be there to celebrate with everyone. Though some of the team couldn’t make it, they were definitely there in spirit.)

How Do Adult BJJ Belt Promotions & Stripes Work at Solarte?

It seems like every academy does BJJ belt promotions and striping differently. For a detailed explanation of Solarte’s system, read the “Striping & Promotions” section at the bottom of our Schedule & Info page.

At Solarte, participation in the striping and belting is completely optional. If an adult student chooses to get into the ranking program, they are NOT charged for testing (we don’t test) or for belts. Assessments are available at any time. Students are welcome to ask what they need to work on to get the next stripe or belt. The head instructor confers with assistant instructors and training partners so that the striping/promotion process is as objective and transparent as possible.

One of the great things about this approach is that it creates a mutually supportive team. The students work to help each other get better. Because everyone is interested in each other’s well-being, this contributes to a safer, happier training environment.

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