What’s Different About BJJ at Solarte in Sequim?

BJJ at Solarte in Sequim is a different way to get in shape while having fun, learning self-defense skills and meeting new friends.

Beginners are Heartily Welcome!

Coach Jenn loves to work with beginners and people who are new to martial arts. She listens carefully to what your focus and needs are and adjusts how she teaches to suit your pace. Beginners enjoy attentive instruction and helpful feedback.

Jenn and Rob Biernacki at Island Top Team Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Jenn training with Rob Biernacki at Island Top Team. Tall at last!

Concept-based Instruction Based on Rob Biernacki/Island Top Team System

For those with previous experience, Coach Jenn offers a refreshing new take on BJJ instruction. She uses a concept-based approach with an emphasis on learning and drilling skill sets rather than memorizing techniques. This allows students to learn fundamental movements more quickly. The method at Solarte is based on the system developed by Jenn’s instructor, Rob Biernacki.

Since 2016, Jenn has been training regularly with Rob Biernacki at his academy, Island Top Team. In the summer of 2017, she spent two months there to focus on learning more about the ITT program and curriculum. She is excited to be sharing this distinctive Brazilian jiu jitsu training program on the Olympic Peninsula!

Learn more about Rob Biernacki and Island Top Team.

BJJ at Solarte is Truly Women-friendly

Women are often put off by the idea of training in close quarters with men. Fortunately, all the classes at Solarte are genuinely welcoming and there is always another woman to train with if you feel uncomfortable training with a man. However, all the men are respectful training partners at Solarte. Women coming to Solarte BJJ can rest assured that they will be treated well and truly welcomed as serious jiu jitsu students!

A Place for Youth to Develop Skills for Life

Fun, concept-based BJJ instruction in Sequim isn’t just for the adults! Solarte also offers classes for youth ages 9 to 14 every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 5 pm. Teens ages 13 and 14 can also attend adult  classes and children as young as 7 can take youth classes with permission of the instructor.

Youth lessons follow the same curriculum as the adults, but use more games as well as Q&A sessions. In addition to giving them the highest quality jiu jitsu instruction, lessons are also designed to develop critical thinking, leadership and communication skills as well as self awareness, proper body mechanics and empathy.

Convenient Location for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on the Olympic Peninsula

BJJ at Solarte is offered at a convenient location on the Olympic Peninsula, whether you’re in Sequim, Blyn, Carlsborg or Port Angeles. The space itself is spacious and serene…a completely different vibe from your typical gym. We are located in the Carlsborg Karate Club at 1600 Carlsborg Road, just south of the Old Olympic Hwy.

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