BJJ Weekend: 9/16 Grappling Industries Tournament and 9/17 Rob Biernacki Seminar

Join us for a fun weekend of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu including a BJJ tournament and a Rob Biernacki Seminar! NOTE: There will be NO Saturday 10am Women-only Class on 9/16!

Grappling Industries Seattle BJJ Tournament

On Saturday, September 16, we’ll be watching the Grappling Industries Seattle Tournament at the Tacoma Soccer Center. The event starts at 9am. Spectators pay $15 each. If you want to register for the tournament, the deadline is 9/12/17 at 11:59pm. Click here for more information + online registration.

Rob Biernacki Seminar

Rob Biernacki Seminar GB KirklandOn Sunday, September 17, Gracie Barra Kirkland will be hosting a Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar! Rob’s instruction is incredibly clear and uses concepts that help students develop a deeper understanding of how Brazilian jiu-jitsu works. I can’t recommend this seminar enough! Rob will be showing specific techniques to demonstrate overall back control and guard passing theory.

It’s only $40 to take both seminars! That’s a bargain considering what you’ll get out of it. Unlike a lot of BJJ seminars, Rob doesn’t overwhelm you with a ton of techniques and his instruction suits newbies and experienced students alike. For more information, visit the Gracie Barra Kirkland Facebook page.