September 14-15 Rob Biernacki-Island Top Team Sequim BJJ Seminar

Solarte BJJ is pleased to again host Rob Biernacki of Island Top Team to teach a Sequim BJJ Seminar on September 14-15. The focus will be guard passing. This is the toughest skill set to develop and a concept-based approach opens up a whole new way of looking at passing. Everyone is welcome to join us for this opportunity to train with one of the innovators in concept-based Brazilian jiu-jitsu instruction! The passing concepts will work for both gi and no gi, but bring a gi just in case.

Sequim BJJ Seminar with Rob Biernack Sept 14-15, 2018


Friday Evening

Registration 6pm
Seminar 6:30-8pm
Open Mat/Q&A with Rob 8pm-?

Saturday Afternoon

Registration 11:30am
Seminar Noon-1:30pm
Open Mat/Q&A with Rob 1:30pm-?

Cost: $25 per session or $40 for the whole weekend

The reason we have a question mark on the open mat time…Rob is extremely generous with his time. He rolls with everyone and is happy to answer any questions. He’s the type of the instructor who is very honest about even advanced students’ progress and what they need to work on. There’s a reason higher level students from all over the world visit his academy in Nanaimo, BC, calling him the “jiu jitsu doctor.” This is the guy you want to talk to, especially if you feel stuck in your ability to make progress.

About Rob Biernacki (text from

Rob is one of the leaders of the new wave of martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction, incorporating scientific methods, pedagogy, and a proprietary conceptual system that is gaining recognition in the BJJ community for its ability to accelerate learning and skill immensely over standard teaching approaches. Rob was voted #1 in Canada and #3 in the world for the 2014 BJJ Instructor of the Year Award. He is the creator of the BJJ Formula andModern Leglock Formula, both of which enjoy worldwide acclaim and popularity, and are available through His recently launched Online Academy ( has garnered rave reviews, with one declaring it “far supersedes any other online program on the market”. Rob has also helped coach some of the highest level competitors in the world, including two-time ADCC title winner, Yuri Simoes.

Always searching out the pinnacle of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu evolution, Rob constantly trains with the elite of the martial arts, to bring the state of the art to Nanaimo. He often trains privately with the best instructors in the world to acquire vital details essential to success in a game not of inches, but millimeters. In 2015 alone Rob traveled to train with Marcelo Garcia, Caio Terra, Eddie Cummings, Paul Schreiner, and Henry Akins. He has also trained with Ryan Hall, Dean Lister, Jake McKenzie and Ricardo Liborio, leader of American Top Team, where Rob was awarded his black belt by friend and mentor, Charles McCarthy, former mixed martial artist.

Questions about this Sequim BJJ seminar?

Please contact Jenn at 360-808-3197 for more information.