Solarte’s BJJ Competitors Take Gold Medals!

We have a small team, but a ton of heart! Solarte’s BJJ competitors did very well at the Revolution 48 Tournament. Chip and Alex both had dominant performances, winning gold medals in their intermediate no gi divisions—the result of years of hard work and perseverance. Chris took silver, demonstrating strong defense and continued progress. And in his first-ever competition, Luke kept us on the edge of our seats with exciting matches. (Oh wrestlers…) Afterwards, we celebrated afterwards with good eats. After almost two months of deprivation to make weight, the guys more than deserved to chow down on beer and pizza!

Solarte BJJ competitors, friends and family

Everyone had a great time, including the friends, family and teammates who came out to cheer them on. It makes a huge difference to the guys getting that support—not only at the competition, but also during the training camp. Families make sacrifices to give these BJJ competitors the extra time on the mats. All of these guys have full time jobs and additional responsibilities that they’re juggling in order to have time to train. And everyone who got on the mats to help the competitors train (whether or not they were competing) made a huge difference. Thanks to all of you who supported our athletes during their training camp!

I want to give a special shout out to Chip, our Team Captain, for keeping our BJJ competitors focused and inspired and to both Chip and Assistant Coach Alex for running the comp training sessions. We’re incredibly proud of this team as it continues to grow!

Join Our Team of Solarte BJJ Competitors

If you have the urge to compete, join our team! As you can see, your don’t need a ton of experience to enjoy the thrill and fun of competition. Win or learn, all of our athletes see huge gains in their games just by preparing for a tournament. Contact us if you’re interested in joining our BJJ competitors!

By Jenn Lozada