A different kind of fitness training in Sequim

Since we’ve switched to mostly games-based training, students have been really excited about their progress AND the workout they’re getting. I hear it over and over again: “That was so fun! What a great workout!” (Often said as they mop off the sweat and chug down some water.) I almost feel like I’m tricking some students into getting in shape. Others are deliberately adding Solarte’s BJJ training to their fitness regimen. They like the varied movement and they LOVE playing as a way to get some cardio plus resistance training at every angle imaginable. It’s a different kind of fitness training in Sequim.

If you’re thinking, “I’m too old,” or I’m not in THAT kind of shape, or the ol’ standby, “I’ll get in shape first,” then have a listen: Robert started training in his 70s, overweight with double knee replacements. He and his wife had a fantastic time training with us and we were sorry when they moved out of state. Another student has lost 100 lbs since he started training at Solarte. He had no previous martial arts experience. 5+ years later, he’s an Assistant Instructor and the captain of our competition team.

As for myself, I started BJJ when I was 40 years old. I’d already trained in several other martial arts. But there was something about BJJ that made me feel that: 1) I was learning useful skills—under pressure—for self-defense (my previous martial arts had little to no sparring), 2) quiet, introverted me was actually making new friends, and 3) I got an amazing workout without even realizing it. Within a few months, I’d gotten into the best shape of my life. I also felt more capable and less intimidated by situations that usually make people (especially women) freeze: close contact. I developed new levels of confidence that I’d never thought possible.

Everyone in our classes is encouraged to go at their own pace. You don’t have to come in already an athlete. You can take breaks whenever you want to drink water, to stretch. If you’ve been thinking about trying BJJ, give us a call, send us a message, make it happen. Fitness training in Sequim doesn’t have to be boring reps or miles on the “dreadmill”. It can be fun and it can change your life!

—Jenn Lozada