Get your morning workout on: morning Adult BJJ!

There’s always been something special about the morning crew…these are people who want to start the day RIGHT! We have three class times to suit every type of morning person: Mon 9am for the “kinda morning” person. Fri 5am for the “crazy early” types and Sat 10:30am for people who are dipping their toes into the morning thing. Whatever type of morning person you are (or aren’t), get your morning workout on!

Special Saturday Morning Workout

Saturday is a Skills Development time when students get to work on whatever they want. Some focus on self-defense/combatives (one photo shows Josh and Isaac working with practice weapons), while others are total BJJ beginners who are learning the basics. There’s always an instructor on hand to help out with any questions and to guide practice so that beginners aren’t left at sea. (All classes at Solarte are mixed level. Don’t worry about being a newbie…we customize the lessons every time.)

A Morning Workout That’s Also Fun

If you want a fun morning workout that also makes you sweat, try a BJJ class at Solarte. Our games-based training keeps you moving and works a variety of muscle groups. You get cardio. You get to play. And you’re also learning valuable skills that can help you protect yourself and others.

Our little club is pretty no frills, but we do have a small coffee maker. So help yourself to some coffee and morning jiu-jitsu!

—By Jenn Lozada