BJJ Skills Development Training at Solarte

Every Saturday morning at 10:30am, we have BJJ Skills Development Training. [NOTE: We now have another session on Monday evenings at 6:30pm.] But what is BJJ Skills Development? It’s an opportunity to work on whatever you want at the pace you want! There’s always an instructor on hand to direct even the newest of newbies. So don’t worry if you’ve never trained before…like all our classes, it’s for people of all levels of experience. The session lasts at least an hour, but can go longer depending on who’s there and how long they want to train. People can feel free to come and go as they wish.

If the group decides they want a group lesson, the instructor will be happy to lead the session. And if some folks want to work on something they’ve seen on Instagram, then they’re absolutely welcome to do that. During competition season, the competition team will also work on preparing themselves for tournaments. We also have a few people who are working on self-defense including striking and working with training weapons such as blue guns and practice knives. (A number of our students have formal firearms training and will work different scenarios both inside and outdoors.) The mats are available for working on a wide range of BJJ skills!

All Ages BJJ Skills Session

Some of our more serious youth students also train BJJ skills during this time. As with all our classes, family members are welcome to hang out while their family members train. There’s a comfortable chair and places to sit matside. We’ve had plenty of parents come in to train while their children play or read off to the side. If you have any questions about these sessions or want to come in an try training during this time, please Contact Us!