Self-Defense Training at Solarte BJJ

Self-defense training concepts are part of our youth and adult classes at Solarte BJJ, but we also offer more in-depth programs periodically. For example, this past summer we had a very successful three-week series offering a great deal of actionable info and skills.

The situations we cover depend on students’ ages and interests. We start with basic skills for little ones. As children get older, we include challenges such as working with boundaries and using communication skills. It’s only with teens and adults that we get into more complex topics such as predator violence dynamics, legalities and aftermath. The Krav Maga classes are focused entirely on self-defense training for adults and teens, especially for dealing with asocial violence. In general, the BJJ classes look at self-defense with an eye for preventing or dealing with social violence.*

Occasionally, I will also work with other area self-defense instructors such as Jeremy, our Krav Maga teacher. This month, I had the pleasure of working with long-time martial arts and security professional, Shawn Moser. It was a short yet very fun and informative self-defense intro for women hosted by Calvary Chapel Sequim. Over two hours, we discussed and practiced awareness, boundary setting, running, striking, freezing and aftermath. What an insightful and wonderful group of women! I’m looking forward to working with Shawn, Kelly and Micah again. Thank you so much for the invitation!

Interested in Self-Defense Training?

If you are interested in self-defense training at Solarte BJJ, contact us today or send us a message. We’ll be happy to help you learn the skills to feel safe and confident!

*Asocial violence is what most people think of as predatory violence. Social violence has a competitive or status-seeking quality. It can often be avoided just by declining to participate.