Another Great Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar!

Thanks to Rob Biernacki of Island Top Team for teaching two great seminars over the course of the weekend. We’re going to have fun playing with that ankle lever mechanism! We also appreciated getting a good start on working with 50/50. The group was small this time, but we had a dedicated crew. Special thanks to @pandarolljiujitsu and @averymccaughan for making the trip over and to Sarah and Stef–it makes me so happy to see my training partners from Island Top Team.❤️

Biernacki BJJ: A Focus on Effective Learning

At Solarte, we’re ALL students. As an instructor, it’s essential that I also have an instructor. I’m grateful to have someone like Rob, a true expert and a friend I can rely on to help me and everyone at the club get better. Rob, I appreciate you very much.🙏

The format of his seminars helped us actually retain what we learned. In the past, at other instructors’ seminars, they showed off a bunch of techniques, we rote drilled them and forgot it all the next day. With Rob’s seminars, his concepts to tied everything together and made sense. Even better: the situational sparring throughout the training helped us get the concepts into our bodies.

If you missed out on the seminar, please check out the videos:

A Long-Awaited Promotion

Last but not least, the seminar ended with a purple belt promotion for one of the club’s original students, Chip Smith. Chip’s journey has been inspiring to say the least. In the last 5 years, he’s lost 100 lbs and has gone from complete newbie to one of the club’s leaders. He’s helpful to everyone on the mats and is a devoted and awesome dad. Congratulations to Chip!🎉 [He’s now leading a Monday evening training session, 6:30-7:30pm. Don’t miss out on a chance to train with Chip. Work out, learn a lot and have fun!]

—By Jenn Lozada