Self-Defense Training in Sequim – Summer SD Series

AUG 2023 – Last week we wrapped up a three-week self-defense series! We had a great group ranging from early teens to older adults, both men and women. Many had little to no previous training. I’ve been preparing to teach this for some time and was intent on offering something different. Many of the SD classes I’ve taken in the past were focused on fighting plus random advice. I was happy that Jeremy Jacobs and I could offer a progression that introduced students to concepts regarding mindset, avoiding violence, violence dynamics, legalities/ethics, freezing and aftermath.

Although Jeremy is a Krav Maga instructor and I teach BJJ, we taught neither of those systems. It’s not about marketing a system–it’s about what actually works to avoid or deal with violence. The concept-based counter assault techniques we taught are effective for people of different physical abilities. Self-defense isn’t just for the young, strong and athletic. Many thanks to my co-instructor, Jeremy, and to everyone who participated in the series. The feedback we’ve gotten has been fantastic!🙏

Self-Defense Training in Sequim

Now that the series is over, we are continuing to offer this self-defense traiing in Sequim via two channels:

Jeremy’s Krav Maga Classes are Wednesday evenings 6:30–7:30pm and Fridays 4-5pm. He incorporates striking, grappling and information on violence prevention. It’s also a GREAT workout and a lot of fun!

On Saturdays, the 10:30am–Noon Skills Development Session gives students a chance to work on whatever they want. Instructors are always available to help out beginners, whether they’re training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or they want to do self-defense/combatives training. You don’t need prior experience to join in. During this session, I will share the concepts and training we went over during the Summer Self-Defense Series, as well as additional information that we weren’t able to fit into the series.

If you’re interested in a thoughtful, practical approach to self-defense training in Sequim, feel free to contact us! NOTE: The Krav Maga and self-defense sessions are open to adults and youth ages 13+. The material is NOT appropriate for younger children. If you have any questions about these sessions, please contact me at 360-808-3197.

—By Jenn Lozada