Martial Arts Private Lessons at Solarte Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Sequim

Martial Arts Private Lessons BJJ in SequimCoach Jenn Lozada offers martial arts private lessons at Solarte’s mat space at 1600 Carlsbord Road in Sequim, WA. This is a great option for people who are completely new to martial arts training and want to gradually ease their way into group classes. For more experienced practitioners, Solarte’s concept-based approach offers a fresh way of looking at their training—something besides the usual technique-collecting, positionally-based methods.

Martial Arts Private Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

Jenn has worked with higher belts from established Southern California BJJ gyms, helping them develop more refined and fluid passing games. She has also done sessions for families as a fun group activity that also teaches important self-defense basics. Recently, she worked with a mother and daughter who wanted to give jiu jitsu a try, but in the more controlled and personalized context of martial arts private lessons.

Lessons can be as long as you need. Single lessons and series can also be scheduled during weekends and weekday mornings. For some students, a shorter session helps them stay focused on doing a few things well. For others, a longer lesson gives them the chance to ask a lot of questions and get as much out of their session as possible. Either approach is welcome when you work with Jenn. She understands that every student is different and is happy to adjust the style of instruction to suit your needs.

All ages are welcome! Jenn has worked with children as young as three and with adults ages 60 and above. She loves working with anyone who expresses a genuine interest in jiu jitsu and has a questioning mindset. Group private lessons with little ones and parents are very popular as well as women-only sessions.

Use our contact form or call/text 360-808-3197 if you would like more information on martial arts private lessons at Solarte BJJ in Sequim!