Sequim adult wrestling class focuses on submission grappling

Solarte BJJ is pleased to host Chris Loe who has been teaching a Sequim adult wrestling class every Wednesday from 6 to 7pm at our club. During this class, he’s taught wrestling takedowns such as the fireman’s carry and the Olympic roll (Russian variation) as well as good ol’ double legs and single legs, all with an eye for submission finishes.

Chris Loe teaching Sequim adult wrestling class at Solarte BJJ

Why do you need to learn takedowns?

This takedowns class is a must for our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu students who wish to compete. You’ve gotta get to the ground if you’re going to grapple! This is a class we also highly recommend to law enforcement, security, medical personnel and others who need to deal with or apply this information in their work. (Of course, for unarmed protection, one should train BJJ as well…learning to use leverage for control can literally be a lifesaver.)

About Solarte’s Sequim adult wrestling class instructor

Chris has been coaching freestyle wrestling for over 20 years and has traveled to Russia to train in sambo and other grappling martial arts. He has practiced martial arts since he was a little boy learning Tae Kwon Do with his father. He began wrestling in 4th grade and trained several years under the renowned Lennie Zalesky.

Chris is generous with his time, answering students’ questions and offering a lot of one-on-one instruction. Plus, the classes are fun. There’s a lot of laughter on the mats while we get to work, drilling and sparring.

Sequim adult wrestling class is every Wednesday 6 to 7pm

NOTE: On Wednesdays and Fridays, 7-8pm are our evening open mat times for rolling, drilling and Questions & Answers with the instructors. On Saturdays, the open mat is from 1-2pm (after the noon to 1pm BJJ class).

All are welcome to join us for Chris’ Sequim adult wrestling class! No previous wrestling/martial arts experience is required. Like all our classes at Solarte, the suggested donation is $5 to $10 per class per person, self-determined sliding scale. No one will be turned away if you’re unable to pay. Additional suggested donation rates are available for groups/families–just ask! If you have any questions, please contact 360-808-3197 or use our Contact Form.