Play-Based Learning for Kids Martial Arts

At Solarte Brazilian Jiu-jitsu kids of all ages develop confidence and important skills that will last a lifetime. The training is challenging, but VERY fun. A supportive, friendly environment inspires children to work hard and help each other get better. BJJ is also a great way to get them away from electronic devices and into their bodies. Children naturally want to grapple and it’s important to encourage these movements skills! Kids martial arts are often taught via repetitive boring practice even though research shows that it’s not the most effective way to learn. Our classes use the most up-to-date methods of instruction (ecological dynamics) to help all students—young chiildren through adults—learn more quickly and safely.

VIdeo: Li’l ones, youth and teen students playing different versions of “sticky hands & feet” games. These games teach students to control their own and other’s movements and the distance between. For younger children, it’s also a great way to learn what is “too much” or “not enough”.

Two Levels of Kids Martial Arts in Sequim

LI’L ONES age 4-8 (Mon/Wed 3:30pm) learn BJJ through playful lessons designed for high energy and short attention spans. Parents are welcome to join in and “play jiu jitsu” with their children.

YOUTH (age 8-14 • Tue/Thur 4:30pm & Sat 9:30am) students refine their BJJ skills through training games that keep kids focused and give them a great workout. We discuss concepts and encourage creativity to make learning engaged and fun.

At Solarte, our coaches are dedicated to creating the best kids martial arts program possible. We skip the boring, ineffective drilling. Experience has shown us that kids learn so much better through play. And they LOVE opportunities to be inventive.

Kids martial arts classes are offered year-round and we are currently accepting new students. Sequim’s premier youth BJJ program is a different kind of martial arts school—we welcome you to experience it for yourself! CONTACT US