Rob Biernacki’s First Visit to Solarte BJJ!

Rob Biernacki of Island Top Team at Solarte BJJ in Sequim

We were delighted to have Rob Biernacki drop by for his first visit to Solarte BJJ. It was a great group private lesson! Solarte students had a chance to drill and roll so that Rob could evaluate everyone’s progress. Beginners through advanced students received helpful feedback on what they were doing well and what skill sets could use improvement.

It really sharpens one’s game to have expert and immediate feedback. That’s a critical factor for real improvement and we’re lucky to have someone of Rob’s caliber working with us.

We look forward to having Rob back in either February or March of 2018. Stay tuned! As an Island Top Team affiliate, it’s amazing to have such great guidance and a superb curriculum and training method. Thanks, Rob, and much appreciation to our teammates at the home gym in Nanaimo, BC!