End of 2017 and 2018 Solarte BJJ Class Schedule Updates

Happy Holidays from Solarte BJJ!

Holiday Solarte BJJ Class Schedule for the End of 2017

There will be NO youth classes 12/26 and 12/28 during the week of Christmas. But all adult classes will be on as usual, including our very last Tuesday 7:45pm. That class time is going away in 2018, so don’t miss it! This week and next week will be a chance to review the concepts & techniques we’ve been working on since September. We’ll start out 2018 with developing our sweeping games!

Solarte BJJ Class Schedule in 2018

Solarte has some schedule changes in 2018. Click here to check out the new schedule. Read on to learn about the cancelation of the women-only class, updates on the youth programs and more about what the heck those “BJJ Training Sessions” are on the schedule.

Women-only Class Canceled…for a Happy Reason!

Saturday 10:30am women-only class has been canceled. Why? The number of women on that mats has been great—a testament to our truly women-friendly environment. It’s a good sign when the women in the academy feel so comfortable with the regular mixed groups classes that they don’t feel compelled to attend a women-only class.

Youth Program News: Possible Little Ones BJJ Kids on Saturday mornings!

We are looking at using that late Saturday morning time slot (10am-11am) for a family BJJ class focused on parents participating with children ages 3-6 The schedule we’re considering is:

Mat opens up at 10am
BJJ Kid Games (with parental participation) 10:15-10:45am
Mat time together until 11am

Stay tuned to learn more about this fun new program for younger children!

NOTE: The ongoing Tues/Thursday 4-5pm youth classes are for ages 9 to 14, BUT children as young as 7 may be allowed with permission of the instructor.

What are these BJJ Training Sessions?

Tuesday & Thursday 5-5:45pm & Sunday at Noon

BJJ Training Sessions are open to all adult as well as youth students with the permission of Coach Jenn. These are not formal classes. Instead, this is a good time to drill, roll and ask questions. If you don’t know what to work on, no worries. There will always be an instructor available to help you.

Start 2018 on the mats…Contact us to learn more about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes and the benefits it can bring to your life!