Sequim Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at Solarte Getting 5-Star Ratings!

Since Solarte opened in August of 2017, we’ve been getting great reviews from our students and the parents who support our youth programs. Here are some of the things they’ve had to say about what they and their families enjoy about training at Solarte:

Solarte Group Photo May 2018

Awesome gym to train at! Real family atmosphere with great training partners and crisp technique from the instructor. I learned something new from every class I attended. Will definitely be stopping by whenever I’m in town! ~ Jeremy F.

Both my boys, ages 3 and 6, and I have been enjoying Jenn’s L’il BJJ program. Jenn and Andrew are a great duo and are amazing with kids. I am impressed by the thought and planning that they put each lesson, choosing age-appropriate ways to teach skills in a way that is playful, inclusive, and challenging, with clear expectations (consent, safety, and following directions). Andrew begins and ends each class with focused breathing. My favorite parts this far have been witnessing how much Jenn and Andrew love teaching, establishing a routine of focused breathing/meditation, seeing my 6 year old accept the challenge of learning skills with playful instructors, and learning a little BJJ myself- it’s so fun! It’s a win-win combo of movement, play, and community. ~ Jessica H.

Jen is an awesome instructor. The studio is well maintained and clean. And it is pretty easy to find.

When I started training with her I had never done any grappling or martial arts before. She helped me feel comfortable and she lets me work at a pace that is good for me, just enough to be challenging, but not so much that it is overwhelming. Her style of teaching is great for people of all sizes and body types. Even small women (like Jen) can find empowerment in learning from Jen. I leave each class with a few new techniques, a smile on my face and a good workout finished!

My kids also attend her children’s class. With the kids she turns her lessons into games. So they are having fun, getting a workout and learning how to move and place their bodies for best effect. Both myself and my kids strongly recommend Jen and Solarte BJJ. ~ Kecia G.

Solarte BJJ is amazing! The instructor Jenn trains under BJJ Black Belt Rob Biernacki. She is passionate and dedicated to teaching Jiu-Jitsu to all of her students. Her technique and her patience are second to none. Come in for your free class today and become part of the family. Jenn is legit! ~ James A.

Jen is a great teacher for both children and adults. In my forty years of martial arts I have never found a more knowledgeable and dedicated instructor to her art and her students. I would recommend it for anybody of all ages and ability. I’ve never seen anybody better working with students. ~ Don H.

I’m so glad that we finally have a local BJJ club in Sequim. This is definitely a great club and Jenn is a great instructor. Come check it out! ~ Charles S.

Coach Jenn has an incredible talent for breaking down ideas/techniques in a simple and easy way for students of all levels. She’s good-natured but also pushes you hard to do your very best. It’s clear that she is a devoted student of the martial arts and that comes through in her teaching methods. Coach Jenn is a very skilled BJJ practitioner and I would not hesitate to recommend her as an instructor no matter your fitness level or training and competition goals! ~ Marie G.