Sequim Kids Martial Arts Training at Solarte BJJ

Solarte Brazilian Jiu-jitsu provides Sequim kids martial arts training because we recognize the importance of “rough and tumble play” for childhood development. Through this type of full contact play, kids learn what is too much and too little. Children need to learn this early to develop impulse control and empathy. We offer these classes year-round so kids are able to train even during the winter, spring and summer breaks.

Ages for Sequim Kids Martial Arts at Solarte

Solarte BJJ offers Sequim kids martial arts training for two age groups: Li’l Ones (ages 4 to 8) and Youth Classes (ages 8 to 15). Around the age of 13 to 15, depending on age, size and level of interest, youth students are welcome to both the Youth Classes and Adult Classes. NOTE: Children younger than 4 are welcome to join in during the end of the Li’l Ones class (animal walks) and the Open Play Time afterwards.

Youth Classes (ages 8 to 15)

TUE/THUR 4:30–5:15pm with 15 minutes of Open Time afterwards. • These 45-minute classes challenge students to learn more, but are still structured around games that help them develop skills while having fun. Periodically, we also cover self-defense concepts including boundary setting and making safety decisions under stress. Mixed age groups allow older kids to guide younger ones on proper behavior. Experience levels are also mixed so that students with more knowledge can support and help newer students.

NOTE: Depending on size, level of interest and ability, some children younger than 8 are welcomed to these youth classes at the head instructor’s discretion.

Li’l Ones BJJ (ages 4 to 8)

MON/WED 3:30–4:00pm with 20 minutes of Open Play Time afterwards. • These 30-minute classes allow young children to learn jiu jitsu basics through playful games. Due to class size limits and the number of students on the Wait List, we encourage Li’l Ones students to attend one class per week rather than both sessions. Parents are on the mats during these classes to help their children learn all the basics of BJJ. It’s a great way for parents to learn, too. You DO NOT need to be in shape or have any prior martial arts experience to help out! Because we have so many helpers on the mats, kids are able to learn the same fundamentals as adults.

OPEN PLAY TIME: Younger children are welcome to watch and join in the open play time free of charge. This helps them get used to the space and start learning early! Parents also appreciate being able to bring along younger children aren’t quite old enough to join the class. The club’s mat-side seating allows parents and younger siblings to hang out and participate as much as they’re able.

Commonly-Asked Questions About Sequim Kids Martial Arts

How many students are in the classes?
Student attendance varies A LOT. During busier times (usually in the autumn) we will sometimes have between 12 to 16 children in a class. But that’s quite unusual. It’s more common to have four to ten children on average. We’ve noticed other sports’ seasons (soccer, baseball, swimming, etc.) as well as cold/flu seasons strongly affect attendance. We reduce the number of classes offered to ensure we average about four to ten children per class. Please check our schedule which is always kept up-to-date!

Are you closed during school breaks?
No. We continue to offer classes during all school breaks including winter, spring and summer. However, we usually reduce the number of classes during these time. Please check our schedule which is always kept up-to-date!

Is it okay for my child(ren) to take a break and then return?
Of course! During the classes, children are welcome to take a break (for water, snack, rest) at any time. Additionally, we really want children to experience other activities/sports/hobbies. Our students will often take a few weeks/months off and then return to jiu-jitsu once they’ve completed their sports season/class. We’re always happy to see kids gaining new perspective and skills! This helps them develop character and avoid burnout.

Do you require a uniform?
No. Regular active wear is fine for most classes. We do recommend kids wear more fitted, long-sleeve shirts and leggings to protect their skin from the texture of the mats. ON THURSDAYS youth students do wear a uniform called a “gi”. Students can borrow club uniforms, but we do recommend purchasing a gi if your child will be attending Thursdays regularly. These brands are inexpensive, good quality and include the belt: Elite | Hawk (Any color is fine!)

For youth students, check out our online shop for Solarte Team rash guards and leggings!

How much do classes cost? Do I have to get a membership subscription or can I pay by the class?
Solarte offers a wide choice of payment options. If you’re the forgetful type, you can go to the Membership page and sign up for a subscription. Cancel at any time! No contracts!

If you schedule varies, you’ll want to pay-by-the-class: $5–$20/class per student, self-determined sliding scale. We accept cash (write name, amount, date on sticky note and put in the cup on the bench), check (to Solarte LLC) and Venmo (@solartebjj • 360-808-3197).

Is it safe?
We promote a safe, supportive training environment where everyone on the mats is responsible for maintaining safety. We discourage excessive use of force through our training methods and club culture. However, this is a full contact combat sport. Keep in mind that there is a certain amount of risk in any athletic activity!

Are parents/guardians allowed to watch?
Absolutely! We have mat-side seating so that you can be right there. Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to become assistants during classes. We do ask that parents/guardians keep their comments and actions restrained and appropriate. (For example, please no yelling unless absolutely necessary for safety.)

Who is the instructor?
Jenn Lozada is the head instructor/founder of Solarte BJJ. She has taught martial arts to both children and adults for over a decade, emphasizing a playful and fun approach that facilitates learning. Jenn is passionate about finding the best ways to help students learn while they enjoy the journey. She realizes every student is an individual and supports their differing goals and temperaments.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about Solarte’s Sequim kids martial arts program?
Please contact us via our form. Jenn responds quickly—she’ll get back to you ASAP!