The Smartest Learners…How to learn more at a BJJ Seminar

Solarte BJJ just hosted another visit by Rob Biernacki and there was a great aside about how to learn more at a BJJ seminar. Check out this excerpt from Saturday’s session. To put it in context, Rob was about to add on another movement to a half guard series we’d started. But before he did, he wanted to give people the option to NOT move onto the next thing. Here’s why:


The smartest learners are the ones who know their limitations. It makes you a more clever individual to know that “I’m going to get more out of this if I just do the two things that I know my brain can handle right now. “

It’s not a matter of intelligence. It’s a matter of how much information are we adding today. If you barely know what the hell half guard is, we added a LOT of information. If you already know half guard, omaplata, this and that, we just added a twist [sweep] and a way of getting to the omaplata. So we really only added two or three basic mechanisms. Whereas we may have been adding 10 or 12 discreet bits of information to your brain. So it’s not a matter of ‘smart’ or ‘dumb’. It’s a matter of what your level of experience was coming in [which] will determine how much additional information you can put in your brain and still retain it.

So please…if you’re not quite ready to move onto this, it’s all right.

————End of Transcript————

Video links to everything covered during the seminar are below:

The Friday lessons focused on playing half guard from a defensive perspective. As always, Rob explained the basic concepts in addition to showing techniques for dealing with half guard when things aren’t going smoothly. This is essential material whether or not you like this particular guard…you’ll likely end up here anyway. It’s a good idea to have solid concepts for half guard guard retention.

The Saturday afternoon session looked at half guard on offense. Techniques covered included the twist sweep as well as a half inversion leading to leg entanglements/passes. There was also some excellent Q&A which not only included “The Smartest Learners” talk, but also a discussion about range battles in BJJ.

We hope you enjoy these videos and this excerpt on how to learn more at a BJJ seminar. Many thanks to Rob Biernacki for allowing us to share this information. If you’d like to see additional seminar videos from Rob’s visits to Solarte BJ, check out our YouTube playlists!

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