Nov 20-21 Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar at Solarte

We are excited to again host a Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar at Solarte in Sequim, WA. It’s been two very looooong years since he’s been able to visit us from Canada. So we can’t wait to have him share his knowledge. This time his instruction will focus on the art of guard retention and recovery. There have been a number of updates that he’s made over the last few years to this critical skill set. As always, Rob stays on top of the latest “BJJ technology” and keeps us up-to-date on new developments in this ever-evolving martial art.

Rob Biernacki BJJ seminar on guard recover/retention

Good guard recovery/retention allows a BJJ guard player to continuously thwart the top person’s passing attempts. Rob will help us understand not only the key concepts for developing this skill, but will also provide training methods to incorporate these ideas into our games. This is not your typical seminar where you get bombarded with a bunch of techniques and remember barely any of it. At Rob’s seminars, you come out of them a better player.

Nov 20-21 Rob Biernacki BJJ Seminar Details

SAT Oct 20: 12:30pm Registration • 1–2:30pm Seminar • 2:30pm to ? Rolling + Q&A

SUN Oct 21: 10 to 11:30am Seminar • 11:30am–Noon Striping & Promotions

COST: $25 per day or $45 for entire weekend

CONTACT: (360) 808-3197 for more info

About Rob Biernacki

Rob Biernacki is the BJJ black belt founder of Island Top Team in Nanaimo, BC. His website,, is one of the most highly-regarded sources for online BJJ instruction. Rob is a recognized leader in the concept-based movement to improve Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instruction, making it easier, safer and faster to learn. Solarte Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the premier U.S. affiliate of Island Top Team.

All adult striping and promotions are conducted directly by Rob who assesses and improves the games of BJJ players at the very highest levels of the sport. There’s no better person than “the jiu jitsu doctor” to help assess the strengths and weaknesses in your game. Rob is incredibly generous with his time. He’s happy to answer the questions of students at any level of development, from white belts to pros. Take advantage of the Q&A and please ask your questions!